Good to know: Direct marketing in France

Over the last four years the photovoltaic market in France has seen unprecedented growth. What's next in store?

Introduction of Direct Marketing in France

Presentation held by Sibylle Weiler and Claire Bretheau (Avocats au barreau de Paris) on the intersolar tradefair in Munich

Between 2009 and 2014, photovoltaic power in France has seen an unprecedented growth. The 2010 Grenelle target for PV power to be installed by 2020 has already been reached. What are the new targets?

In their presentation during the Intersolar in Munich, Sibylle Weiler and Claire Bretheau took a closer look on the following topics:

  • Feed-in tariff purchase agreement characteristics
  • Impact of EU guidelines N.2014/C 200/01
  • Direct sale of electricity in France
  • What must an operator consider to sell on the market?
  • Who are today's actors of direct sale in France?
  • Contract structure for power purchase agreements (PPAs)

Are you interested in detailed information on one or all of these topics? We will be happy to provide you with the complete presentation manual.

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