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Hand schreibt Due Diligence auf Glasscheibe

Due Diligence

Interdisciplinary and tailor-made to your project

To ensure sound decisions in a project or company transaction, we identify and evaluate aspects relevant to economic, legaland tax law as part of a due diligence. We provide our clients with overall due diligence from a single source, without any interfaces. In addition to the in-depth examination, our work always focuses on possible solutions. After detailed analysis, we submit these concrete approaches as part of the transaction and implement them in the contract documentation. And we do this in Germany and France.

Our services

  • Examination of contracts and legal relationships of the company for legal risks and completeness
  • Examination of the company law structure and situation of the company
  • Examination of the licensing situation
  • Assessment of ongoing litigation
  • Provide recommendations for action on the identified risks and gaps

  • Examination of the tax situation of the company on the basis of the submitted documents (including balance sheets, account sheets, tax returns and tax assessments of the company, employment contracts, contracts regarding change of shareholders) for possible tax risks and uncertainties
  • Assistance with the inclusion of the results in the contract (price) negotiations

  • Analysis of the company's net assets, financial position and results of operations
  • Detailed evaluation of the balance sheets at the last reporting dates of the company with regard to the impairment of receivables and liabilities as well as identification of any abnormalities and/or risks
  • Detailed review and plausibility check of the corporate planning and the underlying assumptions with a focus on the value drivers of the business model
  • Conducting sensitivity analyses for the key value drivers and mapping the opportunities and risks
  • Support in the preparation of suitable planning documents

  • Analysis of the target company or project from a market, customer and competitive point of view and examination of the strategic fit
  • Review of the economic sustainability and future viability of the project based on financial due diligence
  • Support in the inclusion of the results in the contract (price) negotiations

Our team of experts

Portraitfoto von Karlheinz Rabenschlag

Dr. Karlheinz Rabenschlag

Our legal expert in Germany

Portraitfoto von Franziska Benz

Franziska Benz

Our legal expert in Germany

Portraitfoto von Laurent Brault

Laurent Brault

Our legal expert in France

Portraitfoto von Bianca Volz

Bianca Volz

Our tax expert

Portraitfoto von Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt

Our business expert