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External auditing

As a specialist with more than two decades of experience and a clear focus on renewable energies, we also provide special audits with industry relevance. You benefit from our networked structures and the interaction of all competencies directly in our company. This bundled know-how enables a holistic approach. Special regulations apply in many areas of the energy industry, for example, the inclusion of subsidies or exemptions require confirmation from an auditor 

Referenzertragsprüfungen Windparks

Special audits from legal subsidies

The Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) or the Combined Heat and Power Act (CHPG) are intended to enable sustainable development of the energy-generating infrastructure. Against this background, various subsidies for technologies for the generation of electricity from renewable energies are regulated and placed under certain conditions. The use of state funding requires a certificate from an auditor.

Our services

Five years after the commissioning of wind turbines that participated in the tendering process, proof of energy production and site quality vis-à-vis the grid operator is required. In the context of the two-stage reference yield method, the auditor confirms the electricity production of the first five years of operation compared to a reference value and calculates the duration of the continuation of the increased initial remuneration up to a maximum of 15 subsequent years.

We review the documents you provide to us and prepare the necessary documents that you forward to the respective network operator to continue receiving the increased initial remuneration for up to 15 subsequent years.

The two-stage reference yield method provides for a review of the site quality between the tenth and the penultimate operating year under EEG remuneration for wind turbines that have entered into operation under EEG 2012, EEG 2014 or the exemption from EEG 2017. The review of the period during which the higher initial tariff is paid (ZZA) of the site quality corrects the term of the continued payment of the increased initial remuneration in the event of deviations of more than 2% from the initial inspection.

We review the documents you provide to us and prepare the necessary documents that you forward to the respective network operator.

The Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG) promotes electricity generation from combined heat and power plants. Proof of eligibility is required to qualify for funding. We take over the application for funding CHP plants and check whether the conditions for funding are met.

Unternehmensbewertungen Analysen

Company valuations

The dynamic environment of the energy industry often requires new alliances and results in business transactions. In such processes, valid company valuations are an essential basis for successful negotiations. In addition to the services of traditional management consulting, an IDW S 1 (Institute of Auditors in Germany) expert opinion and the integration into the industry context can contribute valuable validity in the company valuation. 

In the context of interdisciplinary due diligence tests, we use established procedures (DCF procedures, income value procedures or market-oriented procedures) to achieve high informative value. (Link to "Due Diligence” on the Due Diligence subpage)

Our services

  • Planning plausibility check
  • Project evaluation
  • Company valuation