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Deutsche Experten der Unternehmensberatung - Christoph Schweizer, Christoph Laug, Christian Schmidt

Business consulting

Sustainable energy projects can have different contents, but they all have one thing in common: They must find their place in a dynamic market in which legal requirements, economic conditions and political opportunities are constantly changing.

Regardless of whether your project involves energy generation, distribution or efficiency or you develop a business model, it requires a foundation that remains sustainable under changing conditions. We work with you to create this foundation for your objective.


Economic efficiency

Efficiency is the linchpin of every project. We check the profitability and evaluate your project, identify risks and sharpen your concept and strategy. In order to make the financing of the project visible, we map it in integrated financial planning consisting of the profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow. To this end, we plan your investment and make your project plausible. We use operational accounting and the consideration of economic key figures for analysing and benchmarking your project. The end result is a reliable statement as to whether the project can make money. 

Our services

  • Cost efficiency analysis
  • integrated financial planning and financial modelling
  • Project evaluation
  • Funding advice
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Company valuations

The profitability and thus the value of a company or project has a central importance in complex financing, in the purchase price determination in the context of due diligence and M&A projects, and in the regular impairment test for the capital market. 

In our corporate finance consultancy, we carry out project and company valuations according to the usual market procedures (income value method, DCF procedure with different approaches according to IDW S1 (Institute of Auditors in Germany), multiplier procedure, valuation law) and prepare corresponding valuation reports.

Our services

  • Planning plausibility check
  • Project evaluation
  • Company valuation
Berechnung von Finanzierungen


Even if the legal situation is constantly changing and the capital market fluctuates, a financing concept must reliably sustainable for many years. A good economic concept exploits all possibilities: from conventional financing by banks to web-based crowdfunding. We structure projects in such a way that funding potential can be exploited.

Each project has its own characteristics. Especially in the case of innovations, financing is not possible with off-the-shelf solutions. Together with you, we develop a sustainable financing concept tailored to your project. We support you from the idea to the financing to the implementation. Based on a thorough economic assessment of the individual projects and business models, we also create an integrated financial and business plan and, if necessary, a professional business plan that creates trust on the part of the banks and stakeholders. We provide you with expert advice in communicating with financiers, negotiating credit and security contracts for you and remaining on board until the funds are paid.

Our services

Bürger meldet sich bei Bürgerbeteiligung

Public participation

For years, conventional project financing has been supplemented increasingly by financial citizen participation, often referred to as crowdfunding. This can be structured differently and closes financing gaps in renewable energy projects. It also helps to anchor a project positively in the region. This is why citizens are often expected to participate, even if a conventional financing concept is already in place.

However, large projects cannot be financed exclusively through crowdfunding. The EU provisions on consumer protection require costly prospectus and advisory obligations on the one hand or limit the amount of participation on the other. Even if France and Germany formulate these rules differently, a good financing structure puts all financing elements in a balanced relationship.

Our services

  • Evaluation of financing options 
  • Combination of conventional and alternative financing channels in a balanced overall concept
  • Contract negotiations with banks and investors as well as legally compliant contract design for crowdfunding and bank financing